Teeth fillings to help you smile

Almost everyone will need a tooth filling once in their lifetime. Your Silver State care team can guide you through a dental filling procedure for a healthier smile.

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Why dental fillings?

Tooth fillings can keep a cavity or chipped tooth from becoming a bigger problem—and your Silver State care team is here to help.

Filling a cavity

Did you need a filling at your recent dental appointment? You likely had a cavity.  A cavity is a tiny opening formed as a result of damaged tooth enamel. Bacteria, sugary food, poor dental hygiene and even wear are typical causes. Signs of a cavity include:

  • Sudden, unexplained mouth pain, or pain when biting down or chewing—although this could be a sign of a more advanced dental issue
  • Teeth sensitivity near the cavity
  • White, brown or black spots on the tooth surface
  • Visible holes in the tooth or teeth

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